The Tip.It Times is a weekly publication for the community of Tip.It. Each issue is released on Sunday and usually contains several articles pertaining to Runescape. Recently added is a fictional section, which is in essence Runescape fan fiction. Individual chapters are released each week alongside the other articles. Guest articles are also published periodically.

The History of the Times Edit

(Anyone who has been around longer than I have is free to edit this. If no one does I'll eventually dig up enough to make a decent job of it. A point of interest is The Editor mystery, which might warrant its own heading. -Nom)

Article Subjects Edit

Articles in the Times cover a wide range of topics. There is always a featured article (even if it is the only article for that week) that focuses on an aspect of the game that may spark discussion among readers. Often the featured article talks about something that has in fact already been the subject of discussion among the player base, offering a summation of differing opinions or a detailed argument for a particular side.

Another type of article is the Historical article, only recently introduced. Historic articles focus on analyzing the surprisingly fleshed-out history of Runescape and discussing a variety of topics related to it. These types of articles have been recently expanded to include history that was made by the players, such as the recent "How Scams Changed Our World (Just a Little)".

Fictionals Edit

With the reformatting of the Times in January came the fictional article, which is published alongside the week's other articles and provides some entertainment to the readers who have a taste for it.

Currently two separate, multi-part stories have been published. The first, War Running by Zonorhc, was published in four parts throughout the month of January. In February, ForsakenMage contributed a 5-chapter story entitled Saradomin's Sun. A new story will begin for the month of March.

Writers Edit

Currently, the Tip.It Editorial Panel consists of:

  • das (Leader)
  • Headnazgul (Leader)
  • n_odie (Leader)
  • Turtlefemm (Leader)
  • CatherbyCurmudgeon
  • darkdude98
  • Deathmath
  • ForsakenMage
  • Necromagus
  • N0M_AN0R
  • Psycho_Robot
  • stormveritas
  • The_Editor
  • tryto
  • Ts_Stormrage
  • Zonorhc

(All I'm doing for now. Will probably update more. -Nom)

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