The Gallery is's graphics discussion and critique forum. It also hosts regular contests and graphics battles. It has a small, tight group of very dedicated users, some of which are very skilled at different styles of graphics.

Main forumEdit

After creating a new piece of art, users will often create a new thread containing the new piece. Other users then give constructive criticism as to how the piece could be improved. Popular art styles include signature art or "Tags", Large pieces or "LPs", vector, fractal, t-shirt design and web design.

The Art BazaarEdit

The Art Bazaar is where graphic requests are made, and graphic "Shops" (Or request threads) are hosted. There is also a "shared shop" to spread responsibility among several users for those that do not have the time for the responsibility of a graphics requesting thread.

Contests and BattlesEdit

The Contests and Battles forum was the previous host of all graphical contests and battles. It went into such a period of inactivity, however, that the forum staff decided to merge it with the main Gallery forum. Since then contests have become more popular, but nowhere the original level of activity that caused the advent of Contests and Battles.

There are two different kind of competitions "SOTW" (Signature of the week) and "POTM/S" (Pixelsignature of the month/week

The PastEdit

Years ago, the Gallery hosted signature makers who would make and "sell" their art. Requests were made, demand was high, and artists were few. Jagex put an end to the empire of signature makers with their updated Rule 12 and further updates. Pixel "sigmakers" could earn up to 10m+ gp from each signature alone.

The previous implementation of The Gallery was called the "Media market', a subforum of the old Marketplace category. It was later taken away in favor of the new forum, the same one used today. All the posts from the Media Market that survived the forum upgrade (Some were broken do to a bug in the upgrade software) are still in the last pages of The Gallery.

The earliest visible version of The Gallery can be seen on the Web Archive.

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