Hello friend,


We will always remember you.

Senajitkaushik was a troll, but a good troll. He would always start his posts saying "Hello Friend" and end them with "Good Luck Bro", parodying typical stereotypes of Indians. Senajit joined Tip.It February 6, 2009. He was banned on February 9th, 2009, most likely for trolling. Despite being a troll, he was loved by all in OT and was deemed "Almost The God of Trolls". He was sorely missed when the three-day trolling came to an end, at the ends of a saviour of OT with a banhammer. Also, he is ranked #1 farming in India. Quite an accomplishment!

Sumit (R.I.P.) & GadeshEdit

According to Senajit, he had a brother named Sumit (R.I.P) who was killed whilst lifting weights, when the bench press fell on him, and many other ways.  Despite this, the heartless bastard didn't seem to show any signs of sadness at the loss of his fallen comrade to the benchpress. When referring to Sumit (R.I.P) one must always use R.I.P to show their respects, others people will see you as a disrespectful bastard. Don't forget this.  Sumit (R.I.P) was also bullied by Senajit's other brother, Gadesh. Gadesh is a heartless bastard and most likely a secret troll.

Much more likely, however, Sumit (R.I.P) is still alive today and still trekking in the forest killing off people as he sees them.

Dingo Edit

Not much is known about Dingo, who was Senajit's pet monkey, however we know he is still alive. A picture of Dingo with Senajit's brother Sumit can be found here

Quotes Edit

"Hello Friend,
We in 21st Century. Even though scientist say we know so little about our world, they contradict themselves by telling us that they are adamant about certain theories of theirs. Therefore scientist never wrong...they only be proven incorrect. See the difference? Me sure Warrior will waste his time proving point to you over internet. if you still don't get.

Good Luck Bro."

"Hello Friend,
I enjoy your independent woman speak. In india woman shut up around male. I like your aggressiveness in a woman.

Good Luck Bro."

"Hello Friend,
I really proud of you Siobhana. I Congratulate you. I sure you make Vishnu proud.

Good Luck Bro."

"Hello Friend,
I lold.
My older brother Sumit (R.I.P) just like you before his tragic fall from the earth. He got bullied by my other older brother Gadesh. I hope you not turn out like Sumit, and not show such weakness.

Good Luck Bro."

If you didn't laugh at those, I pity you. Yet others applaud you if you don't since you have a sense of humour if you know what isn't funny.

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*Senajit's User profile

Good luck bro.

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