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Good job.

Might make it to island troll position.


 This American Life Notes I:  

It’s ridiculous how someone could be convicted of a crime, where the only evidence is their monetary level, and the word of a drug ring leader, who’s rattling off names in order to shorten his sentence. Then the fact that the woman got a lot longer sentence than the ring leader shows how the system is flawed.

The interview with the senator also was interesting, how a lot of the people voting on the law didn’t really understand what it would do, and how it was rushed so much that the effects of the laws couldn’t be examined or studied.

I think the laws should be strong, but not ridiculously strong like they are now, and we should look to find someone of alleviating the number of prisoners in .


Charging Minors as Adults Debate:

I think that the laws on minors should be re-examined or redefined, as to me, it doesn’t make sense to charge a minor as an adult. Because there’s obviously no way to read minds, we have no idea what the perpetrator of the crime was thinking, or whether they had the “point of view of an adult”. The laws need to be changed so that there are more clear boundaries of why of a minor can be charged as an adult, if at all.



(Prison Family Movie)

The affects on the family were certainly profound, financially, and emotionally. The children were suffering the most, becoming more fragile, and delinquent in the case of the younger one. The situation is also different than that of just a single parent family, because there’s less issue of someone missing. The mother in the family in the movie knew what she was getting into though, as she agreed to marry him after they knew he would have to go to jail, but I guess it shows dedication, or she just didn’t realize how tough it would be.


Their stinging toes

Up by the fire

The early frost

The sum of woes

The days are lost,

No swinging tire


It’s all over

The sun’s gone black

A weary bark

From the old mutt rover

And summer’s over.


Juxtaposition poems.

The Tree:

A small patch of dirt

At the bottom of a tree

An alien drop of dew falls

Upon the dust

And it is out of place


Black on White:

No meaning there

In the pattern on the shirt

Opposite threads intertwine

Nothing same

But yet it matches


The cabbie:

The taxi stops

Atop the hill

To wait the passing

Of a horse drawn car

He rolls down his window,

And impatiently waves him by.





Philanthropy: Love of humanity

Profuse: Abundant

Sacrosanct: Holy

Belligerent: Aggressive

Circumspect: Cautious

Timorous: Fear

Antipathy: Hate

Symbiosis: Living together

Interminable: Never ending.

Pathos: Conveying emotion


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