Off Topic's Use Edit

The Off Topic forum on Tip.It is a forum that is used for talk that has discussion that doesn't fall under any of the other categories on Tip.It. There are usually a lot of topics concerning news articles, as well as some threads that are supposed to be funny in nature, although these usually fall short of expectations and die fairly fast. There are serious threads as well, although some of them just end up in flame fests, many worthy discussions can be had on Off Topic if you try.

Off Topic is also probably one of the forums that is most trolled by users, topped by Rants and General Discussion. Off Topic also sees many new users specifically for trolling, such as Senajit.

Music, Movies & Television Edit

A forum for all things music, movie and television related, posts pertaining to these things do not belong in the main Off Topic forum.

Video Games & Consoles Edit

A forum for all things related to video games and consoles, posts pertaining to these things do not belong in the main Off Topic forum.

Memorable Off Topic External Links Edit


Is there anything that can't kill you?

Is God real post your thoughts

The tooth incident!

Zombie Plans-Revised

DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS? (Old, do not bump)

If they were cats... (Old, do not bump)

REAL LIFE PICTURES! (Old, do not bump)

I used bacon for toilet paper >=( (Old, do not bump)

'stache people (Old, do not bump)

Funniest story ever (More commonly known as the ass hair thread) [Locked]

(someone else add more links)

Music, Movies & Television links Edit

What are you listening to right now!?

The Music and Movies Board - A Guide (sticky)

Last.Fm Tip.It usergroup - official topic (sticky)

Video Games & Consoles external links Edit

READ-BEFORE-POSTING *NEW* Video Games & Consoles Index (sticky)

Guitar Hero Discussion Thread

The offical World of Warcraft thread.

PS3 Wii or 360 !!!!!!

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