The Beginning Edit

Starting on a Forums on February 27th, 2009, a user by the name of Danqazmlpcreated a thread about the idea of some islands on the interwebz.

The Tipittopia flag (currently)

These islands were eventually named Tipittopia.

The Idea's Reception Edit

The idea was welcomed with open arms among off topic users. Within a week it had nearly 50 pages of posts, surely some sort of record. While majority of the posts were hectic and filled with people vying to inflate their ego for the day, work was done on creating a basic map of the island.

Basic map of Tipittopia

Work is still ongoing to create a council, and to create an appropriately detailed map with all of the needed sectors in agreed upon places. Unfortunately, with so many people working on it, agreement is hard to come by and everyone seems to jump from subject to subject on the thread.

War Already? Edit

Shortly after the idea was introduced, people started vying for power, whether it be someone who people on off topic had barely heard of, to the mods, to even TET, everyone seemed to just want to rule this fake island. Arguing ensued for a day or two and a council was decided upon. The 5 people who will be on the council are still being debated upon. Other members of society are also being debated on, current popular occupations are evil scientist, scientist, marine biographer and oceanographer. Also up for grabs are town drunk, town idiot, leader of blasphemers against Lenin, and other assorted useless things we need. Naturally there is a lot of hub-bub about who is going to be what, but that's to be expected.

Game Over! Edit

Nukes send from 4china have struck the island on the 14th of march 2009

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