General Discussion Edit

General Discussion is the most used at Tip.It forums. It centers around Runescape discussion as well as a bit of quickly controlled spam every once in a while. Whenever Jagex posts an update for Runescape, a number of General Discussion users race to be the first person to post the update in the General Discussion forum. This ends up leading to mods locking all the topics that were posted after the original. Topics of discussion in General Discussion range from noobs and their treatment, to various pking topics that don't belong in the graveyard or other pking forums, to just about anything about any skill or anything runescape related.

Tip.It Times and Weekly Polls Edit

Discussion threads for the Tip.It Times and Weekly Polls can be found in the General Discussion forum. Every week there is a new topic discussion the newest poll on the Tip.It main page. Also posted weekly are the Discussion topics for the Tip.It Times articles. These articles range from a broad range of topics, whatever the authors feel like writing on. 4 articles are put out a week, although not necessarily all on the same day, usually they all are released sunday though.

Questionnaires Edit

The only subforum of General Discussion. It centers around questions for the community, topics are as broad as the ones in General Discussion.

General Discussion Notable Threads Edit

Post all RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!

General Discussion quick-find list

§ The Great Tip Pic of 2009! §

Noobs say the funniest things!

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