Tipittopia Edit

Tipittopia is a small fictional island populated by the people at the Tip.It forums. Centered around 1 large main island, and 1 small island off the southern coast, it shall become more habitable in future edits.


The island is located west of the Blogipelago.
World map

World map


Map of the Regions

Tipittopia region list Edit

Area 1:Forests

Area 2: Farmland

Area 3: Lake

Area 4: Main kingdom

Area 5: Zombie Defense HQ

Area 6:Construction yards and other building facilities

Area 7: Huge router

Area 8: Lighthouse and docks

Area 9: OT area

Area 10: Beaches

Area 11: Research/Testing facilities

  • Mod/Admin Palace & Crew huts* <--don't need their own regions, they can be buildings in some other region.

(currently being debated and subject to change)


Ruling system Edit

Currently the ruling system is under debate, most certainly to become a council of 5 people, who are also being debated. Former debated ruling systems are a large council ruled by staff members, a dictatorship, and other various leaders who all wanted to boost their ego.  The Counicl of five when elected will decide goverment structure.

Occupations within Tipittopia Edit




Crazy Scientist


Evil Scientist




Ninja Master


Shrimp/Tugboat Captain


Tech Support

Wise Old Man

Wise Old Woman

Zombie Defence Force Agents (Being debated upon because of usefulness, however, is still a large percentage of Tipitopia's members) (You need us, for the lolz, and cause we might be useful, even against bandits.)

Note: Island drunk, hobo, asian and troll can still be allowed, but they should hold some sort of actual other job as well

Basic list taken from the forum, except it has been edited the useless positions out and added in ones we would actually need add more as you see fit, oh right, so Island Drunk can be nuclear scientist or on the lines? that sounds good.

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